C10X serves individuals with the best mentoring services that will guide them professionally throughout their journey to improve their performance and maximize their business potential. Our team will help you think beyond the regular issues faced by startups and will give you a grand vision to resolve your queries.


C10X as a venture studio is taking a hold of the startup world with a proven track record to support its success. We are a capital intensive model whose core aim is to create new startups. C10X as a venture studio is a company that builds other companies. Whether studios are their own teams or part of a larger corporate innovation division, it leverages internal resources and external partnerships to ideate their own startups, match them with experienced founders and guide them to a successful launch. C10X comes up with new business ideas, validates those ideas, and eventually builds a company based on those learnings.

Business Model

We are closely involved in the day-to-day operations and strategic decisions of growing the new business. We’re not incubators, not accelerators, not venture capitals, and definitely not your typical company. After the startup shows traction, it can seek to raise capital from outside investors, including Venture Capital. At C10X, our employees can decide to stay in the portfolio company or return to the studio to work on a new startup.

C10X works as a Venture Studio Advisory and we provide:

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C10X is focused on ideas with a longer time-horizon. We have systemized company building, creating systems and processes that streamline the venture building workflow. From the ideation process to company launch, steps are clearly defined and roles are assigned. C10X as a venture studio can lower the concentration risk by bolting on an investment fund that also invests in external companies. We focuses our resources on creating startups. We have a lot of experience building new companies and can apply this experience to achieve a greater chance of success.

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Finds Capital

C10X often provide the founding capital needed to get the company off of the ground. Operational expenses become less of a barrier to building, allowing founders to focus on building a fruitful company. Once a startup gets its bearings, we often make follow-on investments in their own companies. C10X focuses on developing companies and products that aim to solve industry-specific challenges in a way that is value-generating and accessible. We only invest in startups for which we’ve defined the product, conducted market research, validated consumer demand and refined our plans accordingly.

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Builds Team

C10X is a team, led by highly talented professionals, sets up a shop where we provide significant hands-on help. Once your concept is accepted, you are a part of our team and avail all our facilities, support and guidance. Usually the idea being developed is complex enough to require a year or so to mature and seek external funding. We are a large financial organization that provides valuation and funding for early-stage and emerging companies. We often works as a structure in which the studio or a partner within the studio serves as a company founder/ advisor. After that, we provides resources (e.g., capital, marketing, mentoring, etc) for the company we invest in.

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Acts as Co-Founder

C10X typically run on 10-year funds so they seek meaningful returns ideally within 7 years. For companies that would need a few more years, our venture studio’s value proposition may normalize the time frame so that funding can be done as required. Our administrative involvement affords them greater comprehensive knowledge of the growing company’s progress, allowing them to adjust target windows and better maintain the company’s successful growing path.

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Support Services and resources

We serve as funnels for startup teams, sometimes assembling entrepreneurs into startup supergroups like K-pop managers. We involves ourselves more directly in the projects and companies from the onset, taking on executive roles and providing additional in-house resources. The direct oversight provided by C10X Studio model also allows for more flexibility regarding the timeline of achieving certain targets. We provide resources including software development toolkit, sales expertise to marketing resources, HR infrastructure, legal counsel, experienced leadership, streamlined resources, market validation and so on.

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Scale-up methodology

We conduct periodic analysis of the capacity and capability of the operations in order to build a MVP. Based on this, assign/re-assign of resources is done along with proper planning, funding, right systems, staff, processes, technology and partners. If feasibility is proven to be successful after this point, we focuses on scaling the new venture and then aims to exit. This business model loop is repeated over and over again, each time bringing on a new venture. In the case of an idea failing, it is assumed that resources will be reassigned or the business case will be dropped entirely.

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Diversity and expand global network

We holds the core values as Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. We provide a cohesive culture by including and engaging everyone irrespective of race, religion, gender, language, age, education and so on. Even though based in Abu Dhabi, we are looking for talents and ideas with no international barriers.

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Some people view venture capital firms as a subset of venture studios while others look at venture capital as a different entity altogether. Venture Capital investors are typically much more involved in startups than a typical venture capital fund. We at C10X, funds and builds a business from the ground up. We are heavily involved in getting the startup off the ground, working with prototypes, and providing assistance to the startup in the form of capital, expertise, manpower, and connections.

Considering Each Idea is Unique;

Delivering more than Minimum Viable Product holding quality standards.

We act as a catalyst or motivation to the innovative ideas

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