C10X has a shot at remaking the entrepreneurial ecosystem. If you’d like to invest in or get involved with us, we like to inform you that our services fits your industry interests, your investment credo or your expectations for veteran entrepreneurs and founders. To join us, here’s the process you need to follow to get selected and to get the benefit of our services.

Review the application

C10X provides motivation to the innovative ideas; by considering ‘Each Idea is Unique and by delivering more than minimum viable product holding quality standards. We build startups parallelly by generating fresh ideas and assigning teams to the ideas that have market potential. In this process, we will review all the details provided by the applicant are authentic or not. The details provided by the applicant should be authentic and fulfil the eligibility criteria. By validating your core idea, we ensure that your idea will be able to weather the storms, so your idea should be attractive and capable of generating profit. In your idea, we evaluate all the aspects about your performance, customization, design, price, cost-reductions, risk-reduction and accessibility.

Determine the credibility of the applicant

It is a thorough process which not only evaluates the project capacity but also the capacity of the entrepreneurs to meet such claims. In this process, the team will do a market research and by developing of your idea. For our company, we are looking for a certain qualities in the entrepreneur such as entrepreneurial skills, technical competence, manufacturing and marketing abilities and experience are put into consideration during evaluation. You’ll need to go back and forth creatively and determine how you can reduce waste and lower costs, and what price points make sense for the demand.

Conduct a feasibility study

The projects are categorized under certain criterion such as market scope, technology or product, size of investment, geographical location, stage of financing etc. Your idea deals with your ability to capture the value you’ve created. The future entrepreneur should focus the needs to be on solving how they will acquire, retain and upsell their start-up. Through rapid technology iterations, product- market fit, and manufacturing viability, we will do a thorough validation of each business idea to assess its impact and potential before scaling it up for success. We will then provide a framework that sets out a map for following through and executing on the entrepreneurial vision.

Analyse the scope

The targeted users are determined and the competitors are researched. At this stage, the scope and practicability of the concept for the targeted people is analysed. In addition, the source of reaching the end product to the users is also identified.

Consult with Capital Team

At C10X, you can find the most powerful, collaborative, connected, and experienced network of investors, who can be catalysts of your future business operations. The help our team provide through our unexcelled plans, will not only accelerate your growth but also provide you a balance in your journey. After reviewing your project if we find it appealing, then it will be discussed with the capital team. If the idea is good, we will work closely with you to try and launch the business. On the successful completion of all previous stages, the business case is founded. You will be added to the existing portfolio and venture developers are assigned to the business case to develop the growth strategy of the new venture.

Major Notes to be consider

  • Your company must be a registered organization and the registration documents should be provided as required

  • The concept should be properly communicated and a clear impression of the targeted users should be provided.

  • Relocation may be needed as per the requirements of operations.

  • A convincible demonstration may be required as per the Capital needs.

  • Contract/ Agreement should be in English or Arabic or both.