Ideas looking for realization

Start-ups in specific location

International tech-apps who are looking to launch in UAE

How it works

Apply with creative and innovative ideas

C10X is a platform that can literally fill your life with ample of opportunities but for the balance we expect impeccable and innovative ideas from your side too. This stage is focused on defining the value proposition of the business case. To join our team, all the applicants have to submit their details on our website. In your details, give a brief about your concept and fill all the required forms to get a quick overview of the business. Mwanwhile, don’t forget to mention your contact details along with the current location. Creativity and Innovation goes hand in hand and make your idea get selected, you should make it unique or like something that never happened before.

Analysis of the feasibility of implementation

The concept submitted is evaluated by a first-level review team. If the requirements meet, it will be forwarded to a core team or else, declined. In the second stage, brain-storming conversations and meetings are conducted at various levels to analyse the depth and clarity of the submitted concept

If finds realistic, provide all supports as required

C10X owns the best Resources, Capital and Global Team that will contribute to the development and success of our potential individuals. If the core team finds the idea satisfying, then in the next step we will discuss the Capital Teams and investment strategies. For the meeting, a detailed presentation should be done to a panel including the representative of the Capital Teams. The Q&A session helps to explore the details and to clarify the key areas identified. The SWOT analysis is done and based on the conclusion agreement is made with mutual consents.Our team basically allows you to ‘buy your way into entrepreneurship’.

Make the concept to reality

C10X is a strong and active growing platform that can make you grow beyond by leveraging numerous opportunities for different individuals. The development stage involves the developers and the representatives of the Capital Teams. This stage also involves the delivery of the proposed product to the targeted users. The team will update the business plan and create the MVP to satisfy the requirements. It help enhance the access by building powerful networks and ecosystems from which resources can be instantly pulled.

Scale the product

C10X provides you best development toolkits that includes proper planning, funding, right systems, staff, processes, technology and partners that enable you to learn about an issue and identify approaches for addressing them. This stage involves the shared creation, production, distribution, trade, and consumption of goods and services by different people and organizations. The growth strategy will be evaluated and the assignment / re-assignment of resources as required. As the entrepreneurial world adapts to the ever-changing needs of consumers and corporate clients, startups and organizations will need to evolve and share resources to remain competitive and to respond.

Exit as required

After the whole process (establishment of amazing products, solutions, and ventures), the agreement will get terminated as per all the terms and conditions. The overall process holds and ensures contentment for all the team members including Capital Team and start-up members. As a catalyst for the operations, the organization tries to speed up fundraising and make the entire operations flexible and adaptable. The exit process will be made as much hassle-free as possible, by reducing the frictions occur. The transparency and promptness are maintained in the entire process thereby managing expectations.