Types of investors






Our investment plans vary on the applications, concepts and requirements. Our investments can be classified as strategic, corporate, international, local and start-up partnerships. At C10X, you can find the most powerful, collaborative, connected and experienced network of investors, who can be catalysts of your business operations.

Capital Portfolio

We deploy our expertise, resources and infrastructure under a platform approach to generate and validate startup ideas, then build and launch them into the market. We assign a founding CEO to grow the companies into independent entities with the studio owning the lion’s share of the equity.

The expertise and nest we provide increase a startup’s odds of survival and success over other startups. We provide a compelling proposition to large and unagile enterprise partners keen to surface opportunity, avoid disruption, or satisfy a mandated innovation agenda. We attract quasi startup CEOs, who want to be a startup CEO in a ‘safer’ environment. We foster a correspondingly lower appetite for risk and assured growth plans.

Capital Approach

C10X is a company that works to build several different companies in rapid succession. We typically focuses our resources on creating startups. Our venture studio resources are focused on creating startups from the ground up, meaning that there is a lot of time, effort, and dedication focused on working on a project for a certain period. Our venture focuses on people potential, Democratization of Technology and Investment and building cluster of leading industry companies.

The core value proposition of C10X venture studio is that they reduce the time it takes to build out startups, significantly reducing the risk profile of entrepreneurs, while simultaneously attracting more talent to ideate and innovate new business cases. Startups co-founded by Catalyst Venture Studio scale faster and provide better returns to investors. On average, these startups have a minimum of 53% internal rate of return (IRR) when compared to the average for non-studio startups, which sits at 21%.

Catalyst Venture Studio Internal Rate of Return

Non Studio Internal
Rate of Return